a future with post-secondary education

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Maximizing education savings

Investing in your child’s future as early as possible through an RESP can help manage the rising costs of post-secondary education. Learn more about the…

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pleasant opportunities with income-splitting loans

Tax savings

Restructuring prescribed rate loans

A prescribed rate loan allows funds to be lent from a high-income individual to a lower-income individual to be invested in non-registered assets, which will…

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solving the puzzle

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The benefits of consolidating your accounts

Do you feel like you are receiving the best view of your overall financial picture? Consider the benefits of consolidating your accounts under one holistic…

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Parliament building in Ottawa, seat of Canadian federal government

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Federal budget 2022

The 2022 federal budget is focused on measures to assist Canadians with affordability, particularly when it comes to housing, childcare and health care. Read our…

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deliberating the tax savings of financial plan

Tax savings

How to take advantage of tax-loss selling

Tax-loss selling involves the disposition of investments in a non-registered account with accrued losses so that they can be used to offset capital gains realized…

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putting kindness at the heart

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A philanthropy primer

Being philanthropic doesn’t just make you feel good, it’s also one of the top characteristics of wealthy people. We’ve outlined some key considerations that can…

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sharing with family members

Tax savings

All in the family

One of the best ways to reduce personal income taxes is through income splitting: the ability to use the lower tax rates of other family…

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