My NextGen Plan

Building a comprehensive financial plan for yourself is complicated. You need to consider lifestyle expenses, savings plans, retirement income and insurance. What’s more, these things evolve over time as you move through life. To really succeed, you need a plan that shows how all the elements of your financial situation connect today, how they work together to achieve your goals and how they will change over time.

A dynamic digital experience

My NextGen Plan provides a unique, collaborative digital experience that lets you see your financial plan as it looks today and imagine how it will look in the future. With engaging, interactive technology like easy-to-understand charts and graphs, and the option to hover over sections for more details, My NextGen Plan documents your financial growth and tracks the progress towards your goals.

It’s financial planning that changes as you do.

My NextGen Plan: Key features

Goal-based planning

My NextGen plan plots your goals and your progress towards them, helping us work collaboratively to plan for every scenario. Future-oriented but grounded in reality, My NextGen Plan shows you what’s possible.

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