business owner relieved to have life insurance


A widower’s story: Benefits of insurance planning

François had no business acumen or talent for the design business and, although he had a cordial relationship with his wife’s business partner, he worried…

3 minute read

building the family legacy


Wealth management and the “I” word

Life insurance offers financial protection against the unexpected, but it’s also a flexible tool to help you build wealth & achieve your goals in a…

8 minute read

business-owner couple concerned with insurance strategy


Does your future estate face a hefty tax bill?

For someone with complex wealth needs, you may be searching for solutions to tackle several wealth planning issues. Consider an Immediate Financing Arrangement, which addresses…

10 minute read

a cozy family cottage by the docks with the warm colours of a sunset

Estate planning

Cottage succession planning

We explore one family’s situation and the cost-effective, tax-efficient solution they relied on to ensure their cottage stays within the family for generations.

10 minute read

steps leading to a good place


Long-term care insurance

Are you prepared for the possibility that sometime in the future, you or a loved one might require help to manage your daily needs?

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family with no worries enjoying their time together


Insurance for each stage of your life

Incorporating insurance into your wealth plan should never follow a “set it and forget it” approach. This infographic helps you consider the role of insurance…

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