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All Richardson Wealth advisors share a commitment to delivering an exceptional client experience. They value our state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class tools to help them grow their business and serve their clients – the way they want. It also goes without saying that they have immense respect for the Richardson family name on the door, and all that it stands for. If these things matter to you too, and you would like to have an in-depth discussion with us about how we can work together, please contact any one of us below. We’d be delighted to take your call and meet with you.

Natalie Bisset, Head of Corporate Development

Natalie Bisset

Head of Corporate Development



Natalie leads our Advisor Acquisition team and has national scope and accountability. She has been in the deal-making business for almost two decades and has a deep conviction to attracting more women into our business as well as teams that are culturally aligned to our firm. Natalie originates from Vancouver, but she and her husband Ben now live in Toronto and are raising their three young children. Natalie was a start-up co-founder and Ben runs a small company — proof that she understands entrepreneurs better than most.

Jean-Pierre Janson

Jean-Pierre Janson

Director, Regional Sales



Jean-Pierre (JP) is responsible for Advisor Acquisition in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ottawa. With decades of experience in finance, he knows everyone in the business. JP lives in Montreal with his wife Guylaine, speaks French and English fluently, and has no intentions of ever retiring from a job he loves.

Mike Ankers

SVP, Head of Advisor Experience & Growth



Mike owns Advisor Experience at Richardson Wealth. He and his team are responsible for onboarding new advisor teams, providing Masterclass coaching, creating a concierge culture and ensuring every advisor has what they need to be successful, growing and above all, happy. Mike talks all day long with advisors, listening, solutioning, guiding – doing everything needed to deepen relationships. He and his wife Melissa, and two daughters, live in London, but Mike is often found connecting in person with our advisors at one of our 21 (and growing) local offices.

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Paul Landry

Paul Landry

Vice President, Business Acquisition



Paul is responsible for Advisor Acquisition from BC to Manitoba. A seasoned recruiter, Paul has his ears to the ground to ensure he is well versed in what advisors need to make a successful transition. Having come to Richardson Wealth from a bank, he also knows that the grass is indeed greener on this side. Originally from Saskatchewan, Paul spent the early years of his career in Montreal and is happy to connect in either English or French. He now lives in Calgary with his wife Lisa, his son Owen and his toddler Luna whom they adopted from South Africa.

Kish Kapoor CPA, CA President & CEO, RF Capital Group

Kish Kapoor

President & CEO, RF Capital Group



Kish runs our company, sits on our board and never sleeps. He is delighted to speak to anyone who would like to have a conversation about our firm and why he is laser-focused on attracting top talent across Canada. Kish loves advisors and having started, built, and grown several companies himself, he thinks, breathes and talks like a true entrepreneur.