Investor Strategy

Goldilocks and the bad news bears

May 6, 2024. Investor Strategy. There is lots of good and bad news these days. While our fear of a recession has diminished over the…

32 minute read


The importance of asking ‘why’?

April 1, 2024. Investor Strategy. With Q1 2024 now behind us, we’re asking three key questions. Why are we: - positioned the way we are?…

30 minute read

Investor Strategy

Bubbles popping and gravity are inevitable

March 5, 2024. Investor Strategy. The history of markets is filled with examples of bubbles, but gravity inevitably exerts its force. Could the next bubble…

29 minute read

Investor Strategy

­­Bulls vs bears

Investor Strategy. February 2024. As market sentiment becomes bullish or bearish, it may present an opportunity to take the opposite stance. Reading the tea leaves…

48 minute read

Investor Strategy

2023: A year in review

January 2024. Investor Strategy. Despite all the headlines, twists and surprises along the way, 2023 was a great year for investors. Of course, we can…

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Investor Strategy

2024 outlook

December 2023. Investor Strategy. For any Shakespeare lovers, we are in the third act, which we believe will include a recession. We are closer to…

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Investor Strategy

Here for a good time, not a long time

November 2023. Investor Strategy. Markets and the economy are adjusting to higher costs & less abundant capital. Changes take time to work through, and could…

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Investor Strategy

Fall Bayes(ics), finding your style

October 2023. Investor Strategy. The probability of a hard landing in 2023 has diminished. While weakness in many categories persists, the consumer has endured. But…

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Investor Strategy

AI can’t rescue summer doldrums

September 2023. Investor Strategy. AI has reached its "Taylor Swift Era's Tour" moment, however everyone is welcome to the AI party. As AI becomes popular,…

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