So, you want to buy a vacation property — but is it a good investment?

Here are a few things you should think about before you seriously consider purchasing a vacation property.

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Business owners

The value of financial advice

Why working with a financial advisor makes sense – now more than ever.

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Tax savings

The Tax-Free First Home Savings Account (FHSA): Questions & Answers

The FHSA is a tax-free savings account for first-time home buyers. It offers the opportunity to save $40,000 on a tax-free basis and is designed…

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Parliament building in Ottawa, seat of Canadian federal government

Tax savings

Federal budget 2023

Budget 2023 is focused on measures to help make life more affordable for Canadians, spending on improved health-care services, investments in green energy and rollout…

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passing the baton. handing over responsibility.

Estate planning

Trusts: a powerful wealth planning tool

A trust is a powerful wealth planning tool that may allow you to get specific about how you want to transfer your wealth to beneficiaries.…

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Estate planning

New trust reporting rules

Trustees may have additional tax reporting obligations with respect to trusts they manage as of 2023.

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Estate planning

Family trusts & prescribed rate loans

Income-splitting with minors may reduce tax & maximize cash flow A prescribed rate loan arrangement can be used by couples (spouses or common-law partners) to…

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the challenge of tax planning

Tax savings

2022 year-end tax planning checklist

Effective wealth planning takes place throughout the year. However, you can take some key steps before the end of the year and early in the…

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a comfortable life with family in retirement

Tax savings

Reversing the stigma of reverse mortgages

How wealthy retirees can use this tool to free up cashflow

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