the challenge of tax planning

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2022 year-end tax planning checklist

Effective wealth planning takes place throughout the year. However, you can take some key steps before the end of the year and early in the…

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a comfortable life with family in retirement

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Reversing the stigma of reverse mortgages

How wealthy retirees can use this tool to free up cashflow

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People staycation in Ontario viewing escarpment

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Ontario staycation tax credit

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many Canadians are looking to vacation closer to home. If you live in Ontario, you could be eligible to claim…

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flags of Canada and U.S.

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Heading south

Heading south for an extended period of time? It's important to understand the U.S. tax residency & the Substantial Presence Test. There are a few…

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making sense of tax obligations

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New trust reporting rules proposed for this year

If you oversee a trust and have not been required to file T3 trust income tax and information returns with the Canada Revenue Agency in…

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documents containing assets and property

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Disclosing foreign property

What are the disclosure rules concerning foreign property owned by Canadian taxpayers? The quick answer points to Form T1135, or the Foreign Income Verification Statement.…

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deciding on home-office tax deductions

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Home-office deductions for the 2020-2022 tax years

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many employees to work from home. Wondering if expenses you incurred as part of your employment duties at home are…

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gifts that give back to chartiy

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A charitable giving strategy

After this year, it is so important to support those in need if you are able to. Our team can help align your values with…

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the kindness and joy of giving to good causes

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Spotlight on Donor Advised Funds

A donor advised fund is similar to having your own charitable private foundation, allowing you to hold meetings, decide which charities to support, and more.

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