Investor Strategy

Fall Bayes(ics), finding your style

October 2023. Investor Strategy. The probability of a hard landing in 2023 has diminished. While weakness in many categories persists, the consumer has endured. But…

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Investor Strategy

AI can’t rescue summer doldrums

September 2023. Investor Strategy. AI has reached its "Taylor Swift Era's Tour" moment, however everyone is welcome to the AI party. As AI becomes popular,…

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Investor Strategy

Summer has flown by

August 2023. Investor Strategy. When markets keep going up, time flies. If you are wondering why this summer seems to have flown by quickly, blame…

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Graph showing K shape. Investor Strategy.

Investor Strategy

Mid-year check: Everything ‘K?

July 2023. Investor Strategy. 'K' is used to denote a divergent two-pronged recovery — the portion of the letter going up to the right representing…

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Investor Strategy

Foot off the gas and hover over the brake

June 2023. Investor Strategy. Our research team discusses the unknown of whether there will be a recession or how the market may react. But we…

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Investor Strategy

Whistling past the graveyard

May 2023. Investor Strategy. The good news is although there are signs that the economy is cooling, it does not look like it is falling…

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Investor Strategy

Time to play defense

April 2023. Investor Strategy. The risk of a slowdown has certainly risen during the month of March. The economy will very likely slow, a lot…

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Investor Strategy

Look through the zigs and zags

March 2023. Investor Strategy. We remain renters of any rally and like bonds a little more with every tick higher in yield. We have a…

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Investor Strategy

Rent this rally, don’t buy it

February 2023. Investor Strategy. 2023 started off with a bang. The road ahead has twists & turns likely, with one downward becoming likely. Rent this…

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