Corporate giving

Our firm seeks out worthy causes that serve crucial or unmet needs in our communities, that will truly benefit from our support. Richardson Wealth is in it for the long-term, fostering ongoing relationships with the charitable organizations we support, so they can progress in their important work. Below are some of the ways we contribute to our communities. 

We back financial support with the gift of time 

  • With Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, our corporate sponsorship is the latest step forward in a long-term relationship forged by countless volunteer hours and unwavering commitment.  

Our teams step out for the cause

We seek opportunities to align internal initiatives with external causes that matter

  • Our drive to reduce the company-wide use of disposable plastic water bottles aligned well with the vital work of Water First, a charitable organization that works with First Nations to ensure everyone has access to safe, clean drinking water.  
We ask ourselves: “What more can we do?” Going forward, we strive to live by the principles that define our business. Our commitment to communities has gone beyond our principles to become ingrained into who we are as a firm.