Risk management

Nothing is more important than protecting your wealth and your personal information

At Richardson Wealth we use our experience, qualitative and quantitative data to be predictive and manage risk effectively. We stay ahead of the curve.

Equally concerning is the number of extremely skilled and relentless hackers trolling the Internet; hackers who pride themselves on creating chaos and damage while profiting from victims of cybercrime. 

We manage all aspects of risk on behalf of clients and ensure your privacy and information security are a top priority — no exceptions, compromises or shortcuts. 

We like to sleep at night too

That’s why we seek out the best systems and processes, the right specialists and partners. That includes our Advisors, many of whom are also Portfolio Managers, an important distinction because Portfolio Managers are generally experienced investors, Investment Advisors or traders. They have backgrounds in financial management and track records of sustained performance.

Half of our assets at the firm are held on a discretionary asset management relationship — where clients have delegated the buy and sell decisions to us. To offer discretionary asset management, an Advisor must have extensive investment industry experience and advanced credentials, such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or a Chartered Investment Manager (CIM) designation.

No effort is spared when it comes to your privacy

The need to protect your information, along with your wealth, is not only a priority with us — it is also a priority with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC).

The proactive management of cyber risk is critical to the stability of IIROC regulated firms, the integrity of capital markets, and the protection of investors. IIROC is committed to developing resources to help firms strengthen risk management practices and increase cybersecurity preparedness, including important tools that provide a risk-based framework of industry standards and best practices, and help firms prepare effective response plans for cyber threats and attacks.

As part of our ongoing commitment to protect the privacy of your information, we ensure our people have the necessary tools, training and education, that the right policies are in place, and that rigorous and proper testing is done consistently in these critical areas:

  • Threat management
  • Security analytics
  • Information protection
  • Application protection
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Client identify management and access security Phishing

How all that specifically protects you

We have:

  • A resilient threat response system, that includes security event response and production triage teams
  • A dedicated security department whose only responsibility is to anticipate, identify and review all issues and problems
  • A risk assessment group who continually evaluate and respond to potential threats


  • Our network protection and malware detection tools are state of the art
  • Our people receive the appropriate training regularly and are also regularly assessed

What’s more:

  • Your data is housed in a SOC 1 compliant data centre
We take your security and your peace of mind very seriously. And that gives us both peace of mind. 

The role you can play

Each and every one of us should be keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity that affects us directly — and we should be equally aware of any fraudulent email and web activity generally happening.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre does collect such information — which they regularly update — and make available on their website.

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You can't be too careful.