Water First

Everyone deserves access to safe, clean drinking water

At Richardson Wealth, we seek to align our endeavours with causes that matter, looking for ways to extend internal initiatives into the communities where we live and work. At the same time, we seek out organizations that truly benefit from our support, such as Water First.

When our firm was looking to reduce the use of disposable plastic water bottles, we provided every Employee with a new Richardson Wealth branded water bottle. The cost of these bottles was donated to Water First, Canada’s leading charitable organization working with over 40 First Nations communities to solve local water challenges.

They do this through education, training and meaningful collaboration. By hiring and training locally for all of its projects, Water First ensures skills and knowledge stay in Indigenous communities where they can have a long-term impact.

Going forward, we will donate $2 for every water bottle we give to our clients or new Employees to benefit this organization’s meaningful work.

This is one of many ways we live the principles that underscore our business.