Working with us

No two of us are alike

For that reason, all the work we do on behalf of our Richardson Wealth clients is built specifically to meet their needs and objectives. And it doesn’t stop there. We treat our Advisors the same way: as distinct individuals, with autonomy over their own businesses – but we are united by our principles, our standards and our commitment to doing what is right for our clients, and each other.

Our strength is your advantage.

You will not hear corporate language from your Advisor team. There is no pre-recorded script, no party line for them to walk. We do not tell them what to say, what to think or what to sell.

Our Advisors are invested partners, because they are smart, excellent at what they do, and we trust them. They are partners because we value their input and opinions, their ideas and the different perspectives they bring. We believe it makes us better. And it also delivers on our promise: Your plan, the advice and guidance you receive, the management of your assets, the strategy behind it, the seriousness with which we handle risk, security and our fiduciary responsibilities are all inspired by what is best for you. 

Our promise

Our principles are not just words. They are deeply ingrained in each and every one of us — and they inform everything we say and do. 

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Risk management

We manage all aspects of risk on behalf of clients and ensure your privacy and information security are a top priority — no exceptions, compromises or shortcuts.

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Finding your team

Choosing an Investment Advisor is a serious decision. If you are not sure what to look for, we have put together some tips to help you in your search.

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