The name on the door

A link between the ages

A company name that survives the highs and lows, and the many iterations of a business is rare. Since 1857, when a storefront shingle first appeared outside a small grain merchandising business, the Richardson name has continued to grow in stature to represent a broad range of successful business ventures. In the finance world, where that longevity is rarer still and the great philanthropic business families of the past are no longer at the helm of Canada’s investment companies, the Richardson name is different. The business remains prominently in the hands of the same family, who continue to be our key partners in creating the next generation of wealth planning – that is Richardson Wealth. As Canada’s pre-eminent independent wealth management firm, this is what the Richardson name on the door means:

Prioritizing the needs of Clients

Helping each and every Client develop their own generational wealth story is at the core of what we do. That means our Advisor teams, with the full support and resources of Richardson Wealth, are committed to helping all our Clients build and protect their wealth for future generations. We owe it to you – it is your hard-earned money. Providing great advice and helping our Clients is our privilege. 

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An afternoon with

Hartley Richardson & Sandy Riley


A personal understanding

This direct understanding of generational wealth planning is real and authentic, stemming from our own long-standing history. The Richardson Family has successfully navigated the business landscape over the past 160 plus years, with its fifth generation now at the helm. Indeed, it bears the distinction of being one of the most trusted names in Canadian financial services since 1926. But financial services is only one of the four divisions the company runs. Richardson International Limited is Canada’s largest agribusiness and is recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. The family also has businesses in energy exploration and real estate. We believe our business owner Clients deserve no less than exceptional wealth-planning expertise and support to achieve the same multi-generational success as the Richardson Family.

Partnering with the best Advisors

Advisors are equity owners in our business and therefore true partners in the firm. At Richardson Wealth we work together with outstanding professionals to find the best solutions for Clients. That alignment of interests between our firm, Advisors and Clients allows us to be progressive, to challenge ourselves to always do what’s right and to take our advice and services to the next level.


Commitment to our principles

The firm is driven by the same core values and guiding principles: to maintain the trust of our Clients as we help to grow and protect their wealth for generations, the faith of our Advisor Partners as we support their business development, the goodwill of our exceptional people who work for us, and our strong standing in the communities in which we live. The Richardson name will always be associated with integrity, excellence and service.

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Quest for innovation

We remain at the forefront of innovation, recognising the importance of emerging technologies. We are committed to developing our wealth-planning and financial-planning tools like My NextGen Plan through tech-enabled solutions so that our services remain relevant to the evolving needs of our Clients. 




Commitment to philanthropic endeavours

We pride ourselves on living by our principles, which include meaningful support for worthy causes. Our corporate giving is a major part of our identity and a long-term commitment for us. This allows us to foster ongoing relationships with the charitable organizations we support, so they can progress in their important work within our local communities. 

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Higher standards & fiduciary excellence

By placing our name prominently on the door, we are personally and professionally accountable to our Clients, holding ourselves to a higher standard and demonstrating that we are leaders in the business of wealth management. Indeed, from our firm’s beginnings, we have always taken seriously our role as fiduciaries and dedicated ourselves to operating in our clients’ best interests. We were the first wealth management company in Canada to gain certification from the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). The certification applies to our Separately Managed and Portfolio Management Account platforms.



Commitment to diversity and inclusivity

Richardson Wealth’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is enshrined in our Principles. These core values reflect how we act and direct our day-to-day corporate decisions. We are committed to providing an inclusive, diverse, caring and welcoming culture at our firm, allowing all our Employees, Partners and Clients to feel safe, respected and empowered to be themselves. We are proud to be a progressive corporate leader.

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The right talent and a great place to work

Our Leadership, Advisors and Employees are incentivized and engaged as well as proud to work at Richardson Wealth. Indeed, we have joined the ranks of Canada’s most esteemed companies, achieving the definitive standard of what it means to be a Great Place to Work™.


Great Place to Work Certified