Award-winning alternatives advisor offers ‘evolutionary portfolio construction’

Ida Khajadourian, the portfolio manager and investment advisor who won this year’s ICM Asset Management Award for Advisor of the Year – Alternative Investments, loves alternatives.

“I love alternatives because they can help me produce absolute returns,” Khajadourian, who is with Khajadourian Wealth Management in Richardson Wealth, told Wealth Professional after winning.

“My objective would be that we don’t have losses. It provides diversification and gives us access to different asset classes that could outperform in different environments. So, it’s really a great portfolio diversifier. It’s a great complement to equities. It provides that diversifier, that complement, regardless of the environment that we’re in. And, it just gives me more flexibility to add returns and provide a more stable experience for clients.”

Khajadourian has adopted what she calls “evolutionary portfolio construction”.