How young top women advisors take a multigenerational approach to connect with clients

The Globe and Mail
May 11, 2023.

The youngest advisors on Canada’s Top Women Wealth Advisors ranking say their age has never been a deterrent to gaining new clients. Quite the contrary, they use their age to their advantage with their younger and aging clients.

Rosemary Horwood, a 34-year-old portfolio manager and investment advisor with Rosemary Horwood Wealth at Richardson Wealth Ltd. in Toronto, has found younger clients relate better to someone who isn’t that far off their age.

Ms. Horwood remembers her post-secondary days vividly and recalls her attitude and values at the time.

“I remember the challenge of just being able to afford life and things costing more, in general,” she says. “I think one of the big things at the time was determining the best timing of major purchases.”

She also says younger clients appreciate a professional who’s encouraging and eschews fear-mongering.

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