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Reminiscing about 2021, and looking to 2022: Not your typical year, not your typical market

January 2022.
Investor Strategy.

The holiday season offers a good opportunity to pause, take a step back from the daily market gyrations and reflect. While 2021 certainly had a lot of twists and turns — from a pandemic that won’t go away, to inflation, to meme stocks — it ended up being a rather pleasant year for investors with many equity indices advancing over 20%. We will save a deeper dive into market performance till later, but for now let’s hit a few of the highlights of 2021:

Persistent pandemic

As 2021 began, the race to develop, gain approval and roll out vaccines was really starting to get going. Thanks to advances in science and global effort by government and health care companies, vaccines, which historically have taken a decade to develop, were completed in less than a year. Mass production has resulted in over 9 billion jabs administered during the year. Truly impressive.

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