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Unpacking opportunities in the alternative investment universe

Wealth Professional
February 14, 2023.

After experiencing steeply rising rates and record inflation pummel the traditional 60-40 portfolio of late, investors across the world were forced to reckon with the notion of investing beyond stocks and bonds. But at Francis Sabourin’s practice, that decision had already been made nearly a decade beforehand.

“For a long time, investors in the public markets were stuck with the reality of TINA – There Is No Alternative to equities,” says Sabourin, portfolio manager and investment advisor at Francis Sabourin Wealth Management with Richardson Wealth. “That’s why we started using alternatives to diversify our portfolios.”

For Sabourin, true portfolio diversification and stability means going beyond traditional equity and fixed income. Alternative investments have been prominent in the portfolios at his practice since 2014; he started using liquid alternatives as soon as they were introduced in Canada in 2019.

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