Why this money manager is taking profits from private equity to deploy in public markets

Globe & Mail
January 20, 2023.

Money manager Ida Khajadourian is holding more cash than usual in her portfolios right now and expects to spend a good chunk of it in the coming weeks as bargains show up in the markets.

“Stock selection is so important in this kind of environment because some companies are trading at ridiculously low valuations – they’ve just been thrown out,” says Ms. Khajadourian, portfolio manager and investment advisor with Khajadourian Wealth Management at Richardson Wealth Ltd. in Toronto.

“We expect more volatility this year, and I think there will be some great opportunities to buy companies at attractive valuations.”

Ms. Khajadourian and her team oversee about $940-million in assets, including an index-beating U.S. income and growth portfolio that accounts for about 15 to 20 per cent of her typical discretionary client portfolio.

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