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Dave Kelly

Chief Operating Officer

Dave Kelly


Dave Kelly is an industry veteran with almost three decades of experience primarily at Canadian banks. In his early days, he built a practice as an advisor but quickly became drawn into leadership roles. Over his career, Dave enjoyed escalating and expanding portfolios through to the end of his journey at TD where he left holding the title SVP & Head, Private Wealth Management & Financial Planning. Attracted to a more entrepreneurial culture, he moved to Onex as Head, Gluskin Sheff & Associates before Onex transitioned back to an asset management model. In January 2024, he joined the Richardson Wealth executive team as its Chief Operating Officer.

A former sports captain, Dave learned early in life the power of building a diverse team and the importance of transparency and integrity. He earned his MBA at the Rotman School Management and his BCom, Management Economics in Industry & Finance at University of Guelph. Dave is a family man, married to Kim, a prairie gal and together they have two kids, Caden and Autumn.