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Neil Bosch

Regional Head, Advisor Experience and Growth, Western Canada

Neil Bosch


Neil began his career in 1992 as an assistant. One year later, he was an advisor and three years following, a portfolio manager. In 2005, Neil transitioned to Richardson Wealth and within a few years, he was managing the Edmonton office and sitting on the RF Capital Board. Neil continues to run his Edmonton-based practice while managing the Calgary office and is the regional head of western Canada.

Neil is an accomplished mountain climber and guide and has played an active role in the leadership of the mountaineering community. He is a member of the College of Fellows at the Royal Canadian Geographic Society. A classically trained guitarist, Neil put himself through university teaching guitar. He is the co-founder of Richardson Wealth’s Edmonton office’s annual “Wine ‘n Words,” supporting the Centre for Family Literacy. More recently, Neil founded Calgary’s annual “Snap” event which supports Dress for Success. Neil’s greatest joy is spending time with his wife Wendy and his two teenage boys, Aidan and Liam.