Estate planning

Family trusts & prescribed rate loans

Income-splitting with minors may reduce tax & maximize cash flow A prescribed rate loan arrangement can be used by couples (spouses or common-law partners) to…

6 minute read

moving chess pieces from point A to B to identify steps for financial planning

Estate planning

Take charge of your financial future after a dementia diagnosis

While many people can continue to live happy and productive lives for years after a diagnosis, at some point there may be a time when…

12 minute read

a cozy family cottage by the docks with the warm colours of a sunset

Estate planning

Cottage succession planning

We explore one family’s situation and the cost-effective, tax-efficient solution they relied on to ensure their cottage stays within the family for generations.

10 minute read

having a conversation with a family member about important decisions

Estate planning

Focus on what you can control

Arranging a power of attorney for your personal care and property can alleviate stress down the road for you and your family. Here is what…

8 minute read

protecting everything in your home

Estate planning

Protecting what’s valuable

It is an opportune time to ensure that your valuables and important documents are organized and protected. From wills and legal documents to valued family…

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caring for family's future

Estate planning

Purpose, passion and planning

What is the purpose of your wealth and how will it be used to support those things that are most important to you?

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personally managing digital and financial assets online

Estate planning

The digital hereafter

Getting your "Internet house" in order. It’s now necessary in today’s technology-driven world to incorporate your digital assets into the estate-planning process. Read more to…

5 minute read