Santa may have come early

December 2022. We are not buying it. This appears to be another bear market rally, and maybe it even makes it to the holidays or into 2023. With the S&P back to trading almost 18x forward earnings, which are being revised lower, the more this rally goes, the less sustainable it becomes. Not the least of which, if it goes too far (which may already be), financial conditions will loosen, countering the central banks’ efforts. And then they will say some not-so-nice things (more on Fed talk later).

Tax strategies

We’re revisiting one of our most popular episodes of Conversations of Wealth, where Sean Hsu answers the question to “why should we care about tax management as part of a holistic wealth plan?” “It’s not just limited to March and April when you have to file your returns, and it’s not limited to just a

Do we believe in a Santa Claus rally?

November 28, 2022. With the TSX and S&P 500 charging ahead by 6% and 8% respectively in October, and up 5% and 4% so far in November, Santa certainly came early this year. This does raise the question though: will the Santa Claus rally make it all the way to Christmas?

2022 year-end tax planning checklist

Effective wealth planning takes place throughout the year. However, you can take some key steps before the end of the year and early in the new year from a tax planning perspective that can make a positive impact on your overall finances.

Morphing Market

November 21, 2022. This week’s Ethos is an excerpt from an upcoming in-depth report entitled ‘Preparing for the next bull.’ At some point this bear market will end, and this does appear to be the end of the market cycle that began in 2009.