Market Ethos

What’s driving dividend divergence?

June 19, 2023. Market Ethos. This week, we are diving into the dividend space. Growth is by far the best-performing factor this year, but looking…

21 minute read

Market Ethos

It’s priced in…or is it?

June 12, 2023. Market Ethos. This is an interesting time for investing. Parts of the market are rich with euphoria and are paying no mind…

20 minute read

Market Ethos

Going for gold

May 29, 2023. Market Ethos. Gold remains a stone throw from a key resistance level despite cooling inflation and higher yields. If a recession is…

16 minute read

Market Ethos

Selling the tip

May 23, 2023. Market Ethos. In this week's Market Ethos, we discuss leaning more towards ‘selling the tip’, or perhaps ‘trimming the tip’. Shorter-term, maybe…

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Market Ethos

The market is saying something

May 15, 2023. Market Ethos. When good news fails to lift markets higher, the market is saying something and we should all listen. In the…

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Market Ethos

Know when to lean

May 8, 2023. Market Ethos. Any way you slice it, markets have soured a bit, even with a strong bounce following Friday’s labour report. We…

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Market Ethos

Take a look under the hood

April 24, 2023. Market Ethos. For market exposure, bigger isn’t always better. In a multi-asset portfolio, we’ve long argued the case that being active can…

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comparing two half full glasses

Market Ethos

Glass half full… for now

April 17, 2023. Market Ethos. The recent market has been reacting to just about any news as good news: glass half full. With the market…

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Market Ethos

Welcome back bonds, maybe

April 10, 2023. Market Ethos. The surprisingly strong economic data that had been the trend for the past few months has started to surprise a…

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